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We have helped thousands of American's become debt free.
Private Student Debt / Credit Card Debt  / Signature loans / Payday Loans / Medical Debt  / Repossessions  
Combine all of your unsecured monthly payments into one low monthly, interest free payment. Not only does debt settlement offer you the ability to only pay one low monthly payment, it also makes the total amount you pay back much, much less. If you are struggling with paying your credit cards or other unsecured payments, you owe it to yourself to see what settling for less through a trusted company like ours can do to ease your financial stress. Call us toll free 24/7 with any questions or for a quick savings quote. Don't want a savings quote by phone? No problem. You can also fill out our 5 question form.
Not all debts are eligible for enrollment due to our underwriting guidelines. Not all clients complete our debt relief program for various reasons, including their ability to save sufficient funds while in our program. Estimates based on prior results, which will vary based on specific circumstances. We do not guarantee that your debts will be lowered by a specific amount or percentage or that you will be debt-free within a specific period of time. We do not assume consumer debt, make monthly payments to creditors or provide tax, bankruptcy, accounting or legal advice or credit repair services. Not available in all states. Please contact a tax professional to discuss tax consequences of debt settlement. Please read and understand all program materials prior to enrollment, including potential adverse impact on credit rating. We look forward to assisting your shortly in settling your debts. Cathy M. from California's testimonial is based on her experience with our company. This testimonial is based on the experience of one person; you may not experience similar results.
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We have been helping people settle their debt and gain the financial relief they deserve since 2004 and we continue to have an **A+ BBB rating.** We're proud of that, and we'd love to help you obtain financial freedom as well.
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See how much we can save you with our 5 question quick form.
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Debt Relief

- Lower Debts And Cut Payments

When is comes to choosing a debt relief company to lower your debt and cut your payments, don't settle for just any company. Call a company who has been around for more than 10 years and has a trusted record and an A+ BBB rating.

Debt Relief Companies

- A Debt Relief Company's Job Is To Reduce Your Unsecured Debts.

It is not a service that people seek out just so they can get out from under their debts without fully paying back their creditors. It is our experience that people are not seeking out our debt relief service unless they are truly experiencing some type of hardship. This can be a hardship for many different reasons, but the stress of mounting debt is very real in these circumstances.

A lot of people don't even realize there there is such a thing as debt relief until they are experiencing a hardship and are in search for help. When someone starts searching for help paying their debts, more than likely they're in need of financial help to some degree.

As one of the leading debt relief companies, we understand this. It is our job to what those needs are and then make a plan to get you out from under your unsecured debts, and at a payments that's much easier to make than the ones you are currently. We attack your debt from three main areas: payment, term, and number of payments. Basically this means we lower your payments, shorten your payoff, and consolidate your unsecured debts into one lower monthly payment.

Debt Relief Services

- Types Of Debts We Service.

Credit Cards, Private Student Loans, Unsecured Bank Loans, And Other Unsecured Debts

 photo Debt Relief Companies_zpsk8qh7e42.jpg

Reputable debt relief programs should get someone out from under their debt, plain and simple. Most debt relief programs are designed to eliminate unsecured debt i.e. credit cards, medical bills, unsecured bank loans, private student loans, etc. These are the types of debts we deal with everyday and give debt relief on at Pacific Business Management.

The first thing we do is to see what type of unsecured debts you have and the amount owed for each of the debts. This helps us determine what length of term we can put that particular client on and the percent that we can settle their debts at or less. This lets us know how long it will take to relieve you of the debts you have brought in. Certain kinds of debts can be alleviated for less than other kinds of debts and some kinds of debts can be put on a longer term than other kinds of debts. Once we have a clear understanding of your debt amount and kind of debt you owe, we can give you a quote for both term and payment on what you will be looking at to get out from under your debt.

The second thing do is send a link to you to our secure application. We will send it to whatever email you provide us with. After filling out the secure application, click submit and we will use that to generate a final contract. We will then send you the contract through VeriSign. VeriSign is a secure document signer. You should then read over the contract to make sure everything we have told you about our debt relief program and discussed with you about your payment and term is correct. Do not sign your contract just yet. We first must schedule a notary to come out and meet you in person at a place of your choosing. You may not sign the contract until after you've met with the notary. The notary is no cost to you and they work after hours so it can be at a time that works good for you.

The third thing we do is schedule a notary to meet with you. We will usually schedule the notary appointment for as soon as the day after we send you your contract to as far out as a week after. This makes sure that you have plenty of flexibility when it comes to making the appointment.

We have notaries in every state we operate in. The notary appointment will be no cost to you and they will come to a place of your convenience and at a time of your convenience and will last about 10 or 15 minutes. After the notary appointment you are free to sign the contract.

The last thing we do is set up your debt settlement account.

This step is all us. We forward your contract through to our home office where they will set up your debt settlement savings account and get you into our system with our other clients. We are now setup and ready to alleviate your debt.

Accredited Debt Relief Companies, Programs, And Services

- Don't Settle For Anything Less.

Though there are many debt relief programs to choose from, not all debt relief programs are reputable an provide top quality service. The best advice that we can tell any of our perspective clients is to thoroughly check out any debt relief program that you are considering to trust to alleviate a large amount of debt for you. We go as far as to encourage our perspective clients to call the BBB and verify who we are and that our rating is an A+. We tell them they should do the same with any other debt relief program they are considering.

We offer debt settlement for the following types of debts

Debt Relief For Credit Cards

See more about how we alleviate credit card debt. When is comes to credit card debts, we will usually put your payments on a 40 month term or shorter. The maximum term is based on the debt amount and weather or not the debts are in default status when they are brought into our program. Like all debts that we bring into our program, we reduce your credit card payments, shorten the term and payoff, and consolidate them into a lower payment.

We see a lot of trouble with credit cards from people that have had to live on their credit cards for a period of time when they have either experienced a job loss or a downturn in income. Sometimes people also charge medical bills to their credit cards because it is their only way to pay the medical bills at the time.

What ever has caused you to get into trouble with credit cards, we can help.

Debt Relief For Private Student Loans

See more about how we alleviate private student loans. We can go a maximum term of 59 month when it comes to alleviating private student loans. These are also the type of debt that we can't mix with any other kind of debt. They must be on their own contract and stand alone.

Debt Relief For Other Types Of Unsecured Debt

We can give relief on just about any type of unsecured debt. Always feel free to include a debt that you are unsure if we handle or not on the application. If it's a creditor that we can't deal with or a debt that we can't deal with, we will inform you of that very soon after receiving the application. Just know one thing, if you don't ask, we can't help. Some people are surprised at the wide array of debts that we can bring into our program.

Don't let debt cause you to do this

 photo Debt Relief Programs_zpsuqn7f8ga.jpg

We're A Top Notch Debt Relief Company

The best way to know if you're a candidate for debt relief and if it's right for you is to call us toll free. If you prefer to inquire online, you can fill out our short form above and one of our debt settlement experts will call you shortly or send you a quote by email.

If you are struggling every month just to make your minimum credit card, private student loan, or other unsecured debt payments, there is a good chance that debt settlement is right for you. It is always a no obligation quote with us and our staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Call us today for a free debt settlement evaluation.

There are many reasons people seek out our services:

Having to life solely or mostly on credit cards during a job loss.

Having a high debt to income ratio and then taking a hit to their income.

Having an unexpected expense that must be put on a credit card or medical expense.

When someone goes through a divorce and assumes all the debt with less income to pay it.

Whatever the reason, they all have one thing in common, they are barely able to make minimum payments on their credit card, private student loans, or other unsecured debts. A lot of people we talk to aren't even able to make their minimum payments anymore or know they soon wont be able to.

Our debt relief company is great at getting people out from under their debts in a shorter time for a lesser amount, but if you do have the ability to make your minimum payments plus a little more, one thing you can consider short of debt relief is snowballing your debts. This is a system of paying a little extra on the smallest balance debt you have. The extra that you pay on that debt every month will all go toward principle. This will save you a lot of interest on that debt. After that debt is paid off, apply everything that you were paying on that debt to the next smallest debt in line. This will end up saving you a whole lot of interest and many, many months and even years on paying off your credit cards or other unsecured debts. For great advice an how to snowball debts, read tips from Dave Ramsey. How the Debt Snowball Method Works

There are pros and cons to debt relief.

Our company is very devout on making sure you understand the process of debt relief and what all the pros and cons are. For people who are truly in need of relieving their debt and the stress that is attached to it, we truly believe that the pros out weigh the cons.

Below are some of these pros and cons.

Cons of Debt Relief

Temporary hit to your credit score for each debt that you bring into our debt relief company.

You will be responsible for claiming what we save you off your debts and taxable income. The creditors will more than likely send you a 1099 that you will have to claim on income for anything saved and that we settle on your behalf during that tax year.

Once the creditors that you bring into our debt relief company are notified that you are in our debt relief program, they are more than likely going to try and contact you directly and try to get you to work out some type of direct settlement with them. They want to cut out the middle man, if possible. The only problem is that they aren't going to offer the a settlement rate nearly as low as what we get through them since we settle large amounts of debt with them every month through an electronic system that makes the process of settling debt very streamlined and much less costly to them. They are going to more than likely ask you to pay the bulk of the principle and in a lump sum or over two to three months at the most. This is not very realistic for most of our clients, but they know that there is that small percentage that have the funds available to them in savings or 401k or some other place to go this route if they choose to.

All of the accounts that you bring into a debt relief program will no longer be available to you. If these lines of credit aren't closed out before you bring them in, they will be shortly after.

Pros of Debt Relief

There are just as many pros to debt relief as there are cons. If you believe you are a candidate and are in serious need of help getting out from under your debt, it is up to you to weigh out the pros and cons.

Credit score doesn't play any part of being approved for a debt relief program. We are not a loan company so we are not paying off ones debt and then them paying us back, we are simply offering the service of settling their debt on their behalf for a rate that is hard for the individual to get on their own and over a term that is also hard for you to get on your own.

We will not just save you the interest that you owe on your unsecured debts, but also a large amount of the principle.

 We Give Debt Relief On The Following Types Of Debts

  • Credit Card Debt
  • Private Student Loans
  • Unsecured Bank Loans
  • Most Other Unsecured Debts

Below is the average payment and term based on credit card debt amount

Credit Card Debt Amount Average Payment & Term Average Payback
$10,000 $211.61 for 30 months $6,348.30
$15,000 $305.77 for 36 months $11,007.72
$20,000 $389.38 for 36 months $14,017.68
$25,000 $426.19 for 36 months $15,342.84
$30,000 $513.36 for 38 months $19,507.68
$35,000 $583.10 for 38 months $22,157.80
$40,000 $652.83 for 38 months $24,807.54
$45,000 $722.57 for 38 months $27,457.66
$50,000 $774.43 for 39 months $30,202.77
$55,000 $842.38 for 39 months $32,852.82
$60,000 $910.32 for 39 months $35,502.48
$65,000 $978.27 for 39 months $38,152.53
$70,000 $1,022.44 for 40 months $40,897.60
$75,000 $1,088.69 for 40 months $43,547.60
$80,000 $1,154.94 for 40 months $46,197.60

Average US household debt amount for the different types of unsecured debts in 2015

Credit Card Private Student Loans Other Unsecured Debts
$15,863 $42,419 Updating

Debt Relief is not reflected the same as bankruptcy

Although it will show on your credit report, it is not reflected the same as bankruptcy, it will show that your debts were paid for a settled amount, not bankrupted out of completely.

You will be debt free in about half to one third the time as you would if you were just making minimum payments to your creditors and typically for a lower payment than you would be paying if you were making just minimum payments to you creditors.

If you are looking at the possibility of doing what our debt relief company or other debt relief companies do on your own, here is a helpful resource.How to Get Out of Debt on Your Own

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